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When do we use this?

The Permit Search option allows staff/enforcement officers to search permits and view details about that permit. This is often an important first step in the Violation Issuance process.

1. Tap on the option for Permit Search.

2. On the Permit Search screen, enter the permit number that you want to look up and tap on the Search button.

3. If there are any vehicles associated with that permit number, a summary screen will display with the permit number, vehicle information (license plate number, vehicle make, model and color), DNTT (Do Not Ticket or Tow) authorization and violation information.

4. If there is DNTT (Do Not Ticket or Tow) authorization associated with any of the vehicles, you can tap and hold to get a pop-up message that will provide you with the DNTT details. The Vehicle DNTT details show the licence plate that is associated with the DNTT, when the DNTT expires and the location/lot where the DNTT is authorized for. Select the OK button to go back to the Permit Search screen.

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