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Parking validation Admin Groups exist to group similar administrators together and to restrict what parking staff can see and report on.  Primary Administrators can set up groups, supervisors and users for use with the Validator Tool.

Validator Management Tool - The Validator Management Tool allows the administrator to search for specific validations and delete them if need be. 

User Level Capabilities within the Validator Tool

Here is a description of what each user level can do with the Validator Tool.

  1. The Super Admin can set up new Groups with a Group Name, as well as assign Managers and Group Members. Only the Super Admin can add Managers and Admins. 

    1. Definition: The Super Admin will also be any Primary Admin with permissions in OPS-COM to manage the Validator; they can create groups and have the ability to add users to the group. The permissions that the Super Admin assigns to the individual group members will determine their access level on the system. All permissions must be added or removed by the Super Admin and cannot be done by any other user. 

  2. The Super Admin will be able to see all current, pending, past and archived (deleted) validations.

    These are the permissions required to use the Super User Manager role. 

    An image displaying all of the Super User Manager roles.

  3. Group Managers and Admins will be able to see all of their Groups, current/pending validations and delete future/current validations up to the 15-minute mark of the Start Date. Group Managers can only manage one group at a time.
    1. Please note that deletions would only be available from the Manage Validations page.

      These are the permissions required to be the Validator Admin role:

      An Image displaying the Validator Admin Roles

  4. The Super User will be able to delete any future, current, and past validations. 
    1. Please note that archived is considered deleted. Archived information is not purged from the system. This is due to the need to keep system data integrity.

      These are the permissions required to be the Validator Entry role:

      An Image displaying the Validator Entry role

User Level Display within the Validator Tool

Here is the description of what each user level can see in the Validator Report and Manage Validations tools.

  1. The Super Admin will be able to see all Validator Groups via the drop-down menu of All/Individual Validators within each group. The Super Admin should be able to delete any entry at any time, pre or post validation. 

  2. Group Managers will only be able to see their own Validator Groups within a drop-down of All/Individual Validators within their group. They will also be able to delete any entry pre-validation.

  3. Admins will only be able to see and delete their own entries pre-validation or within a 15-minute leeway (as described below). 

  4. Please set-up a 15-minute grace period on deletions. This will allow a current validation to be deleted up to 15-minutes past the start date, in the case of an input error. (Setting)

  5. Users will be able to search for a partial or full plate, by entering the time period. No admin name or lot should be required. If the entry was made within the appropriate time period, it should show accordingly. If an Admin name is required then an All Admins option, and individual admins within their group are required.

How to create a Group

  1. Navigate to Manage Groups under System Config.

    An image showing how to get to the Manage Groups section

  2. This brings you to the Manage Administrator Roles page.

    An image showing the Manage Administrator Role page

  3. To create a group click on Add New Group and the Adding a new Group window will appear.

    An Image showing you how to add a new group

    Adding a new GroupInfo

    1. Group Name

    The Group Name is how you change the name of a group.
    2. Module The Module is where you can set the purpose of the group.
    3. Validator Comment The Validator Comment is a spot where you can add any comments that you need to.
    4. Admin MembersThe Admin is the area in which you can add admin members to the group
  4. When you are finished click the Save Group button. You will see your group added to the bottom of the Administrator Groups. 

    An Image showing the newly created 'test' group

How to Add Members to a Group

  1. First, you will have to navigate to Manage Groups under System Config.

    An image showing how to navigate to the Manage Groups section under System Config

  2. You can edit a group by clicking the blue button with a pencil icon next to the Administrator Groups you wish to edit. 

    An image showing how to edited the newly created 'test' group

  3. You can then click on the Admin Members bar to add more members to the group.

    An image showing how to add members to the newly created 'test' group

  4. When finished click the Save Group button found at the bottom of the Editing Group.

    An image used to show how to save the newly edited 'test' group

Zones and How They are Assigned

  1. Navigate to System Config → Edit Admin Users

    An image users to show how to get the the System Configurations to Edit Admin Users

  2. Select an Admin User which you want to edit and apply the Parking Validation Lot Zones they will manage.

    An Image showing where you can choose to Insert new Users

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Parking Validation Lot Zones window. Select the Zone(s) in which this admin will be managing validations.

    An image showing how you can choose which parking lot zone the group falls under

  4. Click any Zones that apply to this Admin and click Update User at the bottom of the page to finish.

    A picture showing how to update the Admin Users information once you are finished editing it

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