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The System Task Logs show you all the different single tasks that have been done or are in progress. These tasks include things like Permit Rollovers and Invoice Generation.

Viewing the Logs

To view System Task Logs, go to 'Admin Options' then click on 'View System Task Logs' 

You will be redirected to this page. This is where you can see the System Task Logs. The page will open the 'Single Tasks' page by default.  

To view an output about that task, click on 'View Output' a pop up window will open and will show details as followed:

  • Invoice Generation: Random generated Invoice ID

  • Invoice Date: When the invoice was made

  • Total Amount Invoiced: Amount of the invoice

The other page is called 'Continual Tasks'. If you click on that, you will be sent to similar displayed page.

Once again, to view the output of a task, click on 'View Output'. A new window will appear, similar to what you see when you look at Single Tasks, however it shows less as shown below.

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