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When do we use this?

When searching for a vehicle on the handheld unit, the patrol officer has the ability to view several pieces of information about the vehicle. This information is displayed in the Detail section.

  1. During a typical plate search there is a lot of information at the patrol officers fingertips. Let's have a look at the Details section of the OPS-COM for android software. In this example we are searching for plate number APVK123.
  2. By tapping on the plate read in the list you can view more detailed information. You may also Chalk the vehicle, Issue a violation or view further details.
  3. Tap the Details button to drill into this area. Notice there are three tabs presented. ( Permits | Violations | Chalks )  The officer can either tap each tab to access the information as well as swipe back and forth between these screens.
  4. On the Permits tab we can see this plate has a valid permit number 503 in the Green Staff Lot that expires Dec 31 2018.
  5. In the Violations tab you can view past violations that occurred in the last 18 months.  In this case we see three violations. Two have been paid for and one is yet unpaid. The date, location, and type of violation is also shown in this view.
  6. In the Chalks tab you are able to see a number of items.
    • Chalks are listed from the most recent to the oldest.
    • There is a map location that illustrates where the vehicle was chalked
    • There is a date and time stamp for the chalk event
    • There is a camera icon that can be tapped to display the image that was taken with the chalk event. See below.
    • There is a comment displayed on two of the items. This comment is made at the time of chalking. See below.
    • There is also a distance in meters reading that indicates the distance from the first chalk record to your present position.

7. Here is a closer look at one of these listings:

8. By tapping on the camera Icon you will see the image you captured at the time you performed your chalking event.

9. For the comment that appears in the records above. Here is the chalking screen. You can see where the patrol officer added the comment.

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