This article will describe the Athletics Module where admins can register members, vehicles and purchase permits for Athletics user types.

Accessing the Athletics Module

The athletics modue is a stand alone module that has it's own specific url. It is not found in any of the typical menus. To access the module use your typical admin portal URL, but instead of using /admin, use the following url.

Registering an Athletics Member

To register an Athletics Member click on Athletics User Registration. The quick registration form will appear where you can enter the users information. Click Submit Registration Information for Processing to continue.

A confirmation screen will appear. If all information is correct click on Information Correct to continue.

Registering the User's Vehicle

The user ionformation will now appear with a prompt to associate a vehicle with the user's information.

Click on Associate a vehicle with this user to add the user's vehicle information. OPnce you have completed the form click on Add New Vehicle.

Purchasing a Permit

The user's information screen will be updated and the admin will be prompted to assign a permit to this user.

In our example we will issue a permit in the Company Staff Lot. Click on Purchase this Permit to complete the purchase process.

A confirmation will appear. The admin is able to print the users permit from this page.

Athletics User Search

From thei module you can search Athletic Users. They must have the user type Athletics to appear in this search. Click Athletics User Search to begin.

Enter the search criteria suggested onscreen and click Search to proceed. You can view user history by clicking on the gold H, you can email the user by clicking on the envelope icon, or you can get more user information by clicking on their user name.

Permit Printing

The admin can print the users permit. To begin click on Print Permits.

Select the Permit Lot and the Permit Text (permit number) and click on Print Selected Hang Tag to complete the process.

List Athletics Users

To get a list of all Athletics user type end users click on List Current Athletic Users.

A list of all current users will appear. There is further information you can see from this screen.

To see a user's details click on the username.

The screen will refresh with a detail view of the user's information. You can view a list of vehicles and get details on them by clicking on the plate number.
You may also add another vehicle to this users profile as well as print the permit hang tag from this screen.

By clicking on the permit number in Current Athletics Users, a pop-up will appear with permit details.

Click "Log Out" to exit the Athletics module.

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