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The OperationsCommander web application has an upcoming maintenance release.  Please take some time to review this information to assess the impact on your production environment and workflow.

The updates will be available on preview sites May 23rd and released to production environments May 29th.

Table of Contents

New - Two ways for Purging old Incidents from OPS-COM

Purging data from OPS-COM can be an important part of your data management strategy. Typically, Parking and Violation data older than 7 years can be purged using the "Purge Old Data" tool. IncidentAdmin data could not be purged until the "Purge Incidents Tool" was created. For more information, refer to this wiki article.

New - Parking Validation Utility

OperationsCommander has the ability to validate temporary parkers, granting them permission to park in designated lot zones at specified times and dates either as one time, or repeating instances. Some examples might include; hotel parking, daycare drop-off and pick-up parkers, or any company client who wishes to administer permissions to park in lots they themselves manage. This ability is available as a permission that can be added to any administrator's role and can also be made available to Company Managers.  For more information about how to use this new tool, refer to this wiki article.

New - Track Billing from OPS-COM

OPS-COM Admins are now able to generate a report showing a summary of all billing by date and by lot. For more information refer to this wiki article.

New - Chalking Details Report

OPS-COM Admins can now view chalking details for previously chalked vehicles. This is useful in the case of a violation dispute. The GPS location, date, time and the Officer that chalked the vehicle will all be shown.

New - 'Sent to Collections' flag

Admins now have the ability to set a flag on a violation that will allow the violation to bypass the normal collections system. This means that the violation will not be sent to MTO for lookup, be sent a Notice of Impending Conviction letter or be sent to the Provincial courts.