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We use this when we want to process an outstanding payment for a service provided such as Lockers and Permits


Table of Contents

Payments Outstanding Report

You can review all outstanding payments on your User Profile

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Making a Credit / Debit Payment

Payments can be processed at any time through this menu by selecting the service and proceeding to pay. 

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  1. Start by selecting all payments you are ready to make. You can do this by clicking the checkbox next to individual services and clicking Proceed to Payment

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  2. Select your Payment Option and click Submit Information. You may also select Cancel Payment to cancel the transaction. 

  3. You will be redirected to a hosted payment selection screen for credit or debit transactions. 

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  4. Selecting debit will move you to the select bank. 

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  5. Provide your personal account information and proceed by clicking Sign In. You may also cancel your transaction from this screen by clicking Cancel Payment

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  6. Select the account you will be making the transaction on. 

  7. Confirm your transaction by clicking on the blue Confirm button. 

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  8. Once you have confirmed your transaction the payment will be processed. Once the payment is successfully processed you will be logged out. 

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  9. You will be redirected back to the OPS-COM client and presented with a detailed receipt. 

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