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Support for OperationsCommander is evolving to serve you better! 


We are excited to be migrating to our new support system to allow us to offer faster and more efficient support than ever.

This new system integrates with our current in-house tracking system which will allow us to streamline the process of logging bugs, tracking client communications and registering wishlist items while providing improved communications with our Development Team.

The benefit to our OPS-COM community will be an improved assessment of bugs and fixes and a simplifying of our wishlist item process.  This new centralized tracking of activity will provide us with easy access to a thorough database of information for the development considerations of future OPS-COM builds!

The in-app chat has been changed and you can now launch tickets directly into the Support tracking system.  From there you will be able to track all issues that your organization launches from inception to delivery as well as add direct feedback from any page of OPS-COM for system improvements or other requests.  

Support is ending October 21, 2019 for the existing support system. 

Once you have been migrated to our improved support channels you will notice a change in the lower right hand corner of OPS-COM. The new lifesaver icon will be present.

If you hover over the icon you will launch the new support system. From there you can create an issue, search our wiki, suggest a new feature or an improvement or contact our sales or billing teams. When reporting an issue you will also be offered possible solutions from our wiki to serve you even faster. 

When you create your first issue, an email will be sent to you with our login details. You can use the login to review past support incidents and find out the status of any active issue.  

We look forward to helping you with our new and improved Support service!

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