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titleWhen do we use this?

This article is a Technical overview of the nightly AutoNotice script


that notifies users of violations and to send out Step #1 collections notices.


See also Automatic Violation Notice  

Setting Up 

  1. Send an email to the offenders (vehicle's primary driver ) that they have a new violation (generally the . Generally you would issue the ticket on the same day as the violation).
  2. Set a flag in preparation for collections; if . (If the violation is older than AutoNoticeDays)
    1. If violation's the violations connected user ( is primary driver and ) has an email address; address 
      1. send an email and flag appropriately (AutoNotice = 1)
      2. set Violation.AutoNotice =  to 1
    2. If violation's connected user (is the violations attached to the user are for the primary driver and ) has they have no email;
      1. set flag to be added to the Letter Report (2)
      2. set Violationset Violation.AutoNotice = to 2
  3. 30 days after items are tagged with either a 1 or 2 (Violation.AutoNotice) and that have an associated Violation Notice will appear on the "send to collections" report
    1. that report allows the administrator to select who/which items will be sent to collections


titleTechnical Note

In the past, violations were marked as 1=email, 2=letter; however in the script, the 2=letter was converted to 1=email so that they would not come up again as needing a letter.
changed it to a 99 when letter is sent; so 99=final stage (or letter printed/sent)


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