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This article explains how to use the OPS-COM user portal to appeal violations.

Table of Contents


Appeal a Violation

Log in to your profile and click the Appeals tab on the navigation bar. A screen is displayed that shows all parking violations registered to that account. You may search for existing plates or tickets that have violations using the Search Plate or Ticket text field. 

If the violation is within a certain time frame, you can request an appeal. Click on the Violation number. This brings you to the Violation For Ticket: # window. 

Type in your reason for appeal in the Reason for Appeal text box and click Submit Appeal to finish.   If you have a valid email address on file, you will receive a message explaining that your appeal has been submitted. Following your submission, the appeal will be reviewed and the decision of the Appeals Officer  will be sent to you in an additional email.

If you wish to view your appeal information after submitting it, you can click Show Appeal Information to do so. 

The following information will be displayed:

  • The end users Appeal Reasonappeal reason
  • The Administrators Administrator's response

Appealing a Ticket for a Vehicle Owned by Someone Else


OPS-COM allows a user to appeal a ticket that belongs to someone else. This would apply if for example a user receives a ticket for a vehicle they have borrowed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This process will associate the vehicle in question with the user making the appeal. By doing so the user making the appeal will then see any subsequent violations for this vehicle.

The process is similar to the appeal process above. 

Log in to your profile and click the Appeals tab. Search for existing plates or tickets that have violations using the Search Plate or Ticket text field. 

Click Request Appeal to begin the process. A message will appear warning the user that the vehicle will be associated to them as part of this appeal process.

Click Associate to continue, the . The violations for that vehicle will now be listed on the page.

Select the Request Appeal button repeat the process above to complete the appeal. 


As noted, this process will associate the vehicle with the user making the appeal. In this case the user Patricia Birch submitted the appeal.
After the appeal is made, if you were to look at the vehicle tab in her user profile you would now see the MASH vehicle associated to her.

Unable to Appeal

If you are past the appeal date of your violation or the violation is overdue, you will be unable to submit a comment to appeal the ticket. 

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