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titleWhen do we use this?

Offences Admin OffenceAdminallows Administrators to add, remove and edit the offences that are used to issue Violations. Fine amounts are set and the discount for each offence is administered here. This option can also be accessed under Admin Options, Violations, Manage Ticket Offence Items.

1. Hover over the Violations icon and click 'Offences Admin'.



2.  The 'Manage Ticket Offence Items' screen lists the available Ticket Types and their associated offences. The default view may be Unassigned Offence Items.

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3.  To get to other Ticket Types click on the down arrow beside 'Unassigned Offence Items'. In this example, we select Private Property. 

Click on 'Add New Offence Item'. 

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A blank form is displayed where you can enter the details of the offence. In this example, we are creating an Offence Item with the following information:

  • Violation Type Description = Trespassing
  •  Violation Category = Private Property. This will associate it with a Private Property Ticket Type.
  • Fine Amount = $50.00
  • Apply Discount is selected
  • Discount Amount = $10.00
  • Discount applies if paid within = 14 days 

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4.  Click 'Save Violation Type' to save the entry. You will be returned to the list view with your new offence listed below the Ticket Type.


Note: Ticket Offence Items can be deleted, however, they are not actually removed from the system. They are archived in order to preserve the integrity of any data associated with this Offence Item.


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