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You can view the current devices that are connected to your account and the status of each device. You can also customize the Ticket Footer and the number of days before a ticket is due in the Handheld Common Settings.

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Navigate to Handhelds Common

Hover over the Violations icon and click Handhelds Common.

The Handhelds - Common Settings screen appears where you can edit the number of days before a ticket is due, customize the ticket footer, view device information, and manage handhelds.  

Pushing Messages 

You can also push messages out to handheld units. Click the yellow 'Push Message' button and follow the prompts. To find out more about Alert Messages please click here.

Updating Device Data

Click the device you wish to update to get a drop-down list of the settings you can change. 

Make sure you select Process Updates when you are finished. 

Handheld Settings

The settings that you setup for your device are pushed to the preview or production site you used to setup. This means that if you setup your device on production, it will not be configured for preview and if you setup your device on preview it will not be configured for production. The proper method for adding devices would be to first add the device through preview. And then setup your device on production which will add the settings to both the production and preview PA_Common tables. 

Important Note - Additional Information

By virtue of how the Handheld Common tool functions right now. It's always part of the process to start setting up a unit on the production side regardless of whether it is to be used in Production or as a test unit on Preview.

For initial handheld connection, the system always connects to production first, then looks at the PA Common/handheld_assignment table where the units are registered to then know if they are registered on Production or Preview. That's the logic path so we have it is important to always write the tables from production side first. 

And that's

Additionally, this is why we can refresh preview sites without loosing the Handheld units that are configured to specific preview sites.

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