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  1. When logged into OPS-COM for Android, tap on the Search Vehicle menu.
    Follow the steps in this article to locate the plate you wish to issue the violation for.
    After entering the plate number by OCR, voice or typing, the screen refreshes with a list of possible plate numbers. 
    Note: The red x indicating this vehicle is in violation.

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  2. Select the plate number that matches the image. 
    In this case, tap AJAL506.

  3. Add vehicle details. Tap to add a vehicle description. 

  4. Tap the Select Offence Location. A drop-down menu appears for you to select the appropriate response.

  5. Tap to select an Offence Type, and a drop-down menu appears for you to choose the appropriate response. To change the fee from the default amount decided by the offence types you can select the fee amount. 

  6. Tap on Towing Fee to add one if required. The cursor blinks to indicate you are in input mode. Enter an amount. 

  7. Take pictures for proof in case of a dispute. 

  8. Tap Save and Print. Ensure that the printer is powered on and connected. A Ticket will print, and the handheld device will return to the Vehicle Search screen.


When creating violations, the handheld units will perform a secondary check on the vehicle to alert the patrol officer if the plate has a valid permit.
In our example, the plate QWE321 has a valid monthly permit in the Green Student Lot East (M-GSLE). 

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If the officer proceeds to Issue a Violation the unit will issue a warning that the plate has a valid permit.
It will still allow a violation to be created at the officer's discretion in the case that the violation is for something other than a valid permit.