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Once the allocation is set up we can now create our lot. There are 2 of the 6 factors involved in lot creation. 

Factor 1 - Simply the creation of the lot itself as a visible lot (checkbox)
Factor 2 - Make sure the lot is NOT set to Temporary only

From the Parking Management Management Menu hover over Lot Administration and select Pricing & Lot Admin from the resulting drop down menu.

The Permit Pricing & Lot Administration window will open. 

To create a new lot click on Add New Lot in the upper right of the screen.


  • Check the box beside "This lot is visible to site users" to ensure the lot will be visible on the user side.
  • Lot Name: Parkade Level 1
  • Lot Short Name: PL1
  • Default Cost: 530.00
  • Check to select This lot can be used for a second permit
    (This allows end users to have more than one permit in the lot however if space is limited Administrators can limit this to a single permit)
  • Check to select Allow the use of a waiting list with this lot
  • Set the Lot category to Parkade Building
  • LPR Lot Group: Hotel (Note. This is for LPR functionality) 

Click on Insert this Lot to save it.


In the location Tab Enter a Description Location tab, enter a description in the Location field. This information will be visible on the user side when selecting lots.
Ensure that Lot Allocation is set to yearly so it will be in sync with the Allocation you set up earlier.

Temporary Parking Tab - You can designate a number of spaces as Temporary Parking.
In this example we will set up Temp Parking with the following data:


titleImportant Note:

Factor 2: It is important to note that if "This lot is for temporary parking only." is selected the lot will not be visible on the user side for permit purchase. Do not select this setting if you plan to allow both temporary and long term parking.


Statistics Tab - This Tab tab allows the admin to set certain parameters to the lot.

  • Total Spaces: 100
  • ADA: 10 (These are special needs spots, Handicap, Expectant Mothers, etc.)
  • Visitor: 20

Click Update this Lot to save this configuration.


We will now need to set up Permits for this lot. To access the permit setup. Hover over Lot Administration to display the submenu and select Allocate.

As you can see at this point in the process the lot has been created but there are no permits associated with the lot.

As a best practice, notice there are gaps between permit numbers in as much as we don't have any lots that permit numbers end and start in sequence.
That is to say we don't have a permit numbers 1 through 10 in one lot and then the next lot starts at 11 to 20 for example.


To view the actual permits click on the Lot name (Parkade Level 1)
This will display a list of permits as shown below.


The first step is to Set up permit allocations. To access Permit Allocations hover over Allocations (The clock icon) and select Permit Allocations from the drop down menu.

The Permit Allocation Screen will open. 

From the Select Allocation drop down select Insert New Allocation

In this example we will create an allocation for a yearly lot using the following data.

  • Allocation Title: 2017 Annual
  • Allocation Type: Yearly
  • Start Date: Jan 1, 2017
  • End Date; Dec 31, 2017

Click on Insert New to submit the allocation. Your resulting screen should look like this:


You will now have to make this allocation active. To do so go back to the Allocations menu and select Active Permit Allocations.

Select the allocation you just created by clicking the radio button beside the allocation title.


To activate this allocation click Update Current Allocation.



How To Test That The Lot Is Visible On The User Side.


Keeping in mind this lot is set up as a Full Time Staff lot you will need to log into the system as a full time staff member to test visibility.
Simply put if the user type you are testing does not match the lot user type we set above, the lot will not be visible on the user side.

Hover over the User Management menu icon and select User search from the drop down menu.

Each standard build of OPS-COM has a test user by the name John Doe. We will use this user to test visibility.
In the search engine, search for the username: johndoe.

To access johndoe's user profile click on his username.


Ensure that johndoe's user type is set to Full Time Staff for this test, as we have designated the lot as a Full Time Staff lot.

  • Select Full Time Staff from the user type drop down 
  • Select Human Resources as the department type (any department type will do)
  • Click on Submit Registration Information for Processing
  • On the confirmation screen click on Information Information Correct
  • On the next screen click on Return to Profile

Once back in the user profile scroll down to see the Auto Login Address.

Click the URL to be automatically logged into the system as johndoe


Once in the user profile for John Doe, Click on Parking.

Click I Agree on the Disclaimer page. 

Click on Standard Parking to advance to the lot selection screen.

On the Standard Permit Registration Page notice the lot is indeed visible.