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Permits can be rolled over from one active period to the next. In other words the admin can renew a patron's ownership of their current permit by rolling them over into the next active period whether it's a monthly, yearly or semester type permit.

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When to Rollover Permits

Patrons who pay by payroll deduction or through credit card purchases can also have their payments processed automatically as part of the rollover process.

Before Attempting attempting rollovers, please follow the steps in these wiki articles to ensure you have activated the correct Sales Window and that you have your information correctly set up for automatic payments.

Read Sales Window Management and Credit Card Management in OPS-COM

Performing Permit Rollovers

To begin a rollover hover over Permits and click Active Sales Window. Click Rollover Users to launch the Rollover Wizard utility.  


Before a rollover can be performed you must make sure that the new sales window you are rolling into has a start date that is equal to or greater than the end date of your previous sales window.

You may perform the steps outlined in the Sales Window Management and Credit Card Management in OPS-COM articles, to show you how you can set up sales windows before performing a rollover.

Select Rollover Options

At this point, we have the ability to select what user types we wish to roll over, or simply leave it as the default of All User Types.  

We can also select the lot we wish to roll over. In this example, we focus on the After4PM Lot where we have a single permit available to roll over.

With the lot selected, click Confirm Rollover to begin the rollover process.

The screen will refresh with a list of permits available to rollover. 

Note the reference at the top of the page indicating we are rolling over permits from the Yearly 2019 Sales Window to the Yearly 2020 Sales Window.

Permit Processing

It is important to note how the permits can be processed after or during the rollover process. The system is set up to automatically roll over permits that have been paid through gateway payment types such as Mastercard, Visa. Payroll Deduction etc.

In this example, Users will be rolled over but will need to make a payment in order to secure their Permit. However, if the user has a payment subscription setup they will be rolled over and the payment will be processed automatically. 

Note that the Process Payment will be automatically toggled on (will be processed) as well as the Credit Card Type appears in the button for users that can be processed automatically. If for any reason, the person is not continuing to park in a given lot, simply exclude them from the rollover by unchecking the corresponding checkbox under Rollover.

  1. Click Rollover Permits to complete the process.
  2. Refer to this wiki article to process payments for these permits.  You will need subscriptions set up for payroll deductions, EFT or credit card payments. Refer to this wiki article for more information.

You can prevent permits from rolling over by setting the renewable flag on the permit. For more information refer to this wiki article.

Exporting Users to Rollover

After clicking the Rollover Permits we can also choose to export an excel spreadsheet of all the users that are associated with the lot we have selected. To do this we click Export Users on the Permit Rollover page. 

This will open a new window that generates the excel document for us to open depending on the browser you are using. You may be warned that the file is corrupt in some way however you should still be able to view the output in Excel's protective view. 

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titleSupport Agent Notes

Support Notes

  • It is a common issue for users to accidentally miss their sales window end dates which stops them from performing this rollover. To do this as of 2020 we require development to extend their previously archived sales window for them by a few days so that they can go in and perform their rollover without any problems. 
  • When trying to release permits from a sales window that expired, it seems to show you that the permits can be released until you go onto the sales window page and only then does it trigger the script to check for active sales windows. After they do that and go back into the permit search or anywhere that they can release a permit they will see that this option has disappeared. 
  • If the rollovers are stalling, first, check to make sure that the scheduler is enabled by calling /api/?api=scheduler on the test site. We can do this by using the browser dev tools (F12) and looking at the scheduler.php JSON response. This can be found under the Network tab of the dev tools after calling the api scheduler script mentioned above. 
  • If you are trying to rollover more than 900 permits at a time the report will prevent the remaining permits from being rolled over since there is a limit on PHP preventing it from completing large rollovers. In this case, the user can select a lower number of permits to perform the rollover and come back and complete the rest. Admins need to make sure that when they come back to complete the second rollover than they aren't selecting users that have already been rolled over. For more information please see 

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