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  1. Click System Config > System Settings > Payments
    To choose the starting Invoice number enter it in the Invoice number field.

  2. Click AllocationsPrepare Company Invoices.

  3. The 'Prepare Invoices' screen displays. A list of invoices that are ready to send will be displayed. 
    Click Prepare Invoice.
    Note -  Currently, only permits that were rolled over will be shown as available for invoicing. 

  4. A list of invoicing for the selected allocation will display. The Admin can toggle off invoices that they do not want to send, but typically you would send all selected. 
    All Invoices are toggled on by default.

  5. Click Send Invoices to schedule the invoices for sending. The following message will pop up.
  6. After a few seconds the Invoicing task will be displayed on the Task Manager Icon as below.  You can see the status of the task. In this case it is complete. You can click the blue "X" to clear it or leave it be.

  7. Emails will be sent to the companies selected.  By default, the email will be formatted as follows:

    Note: This template can be customized by following the instructions in this wiki article.

Searching for an Invoice

  1. Click Allocations > Invoice Search

  2. The 'Search for Invoices' screen displays.  You can search for a specific invoice or for an invoice issued during a range of dates. You can also eliminate canceled or paid invoices from the search parameters.
    In this case we are searching for a date range.

  3. Click on an invoice number to see a copy of the invoice that will be sent to the client. 

    Note: If you wish to print this you can right click and print it out of your browser. You can also print to a PDF if required.

  4. You can also export this report to Excel. This will show you the revenue for a selected date range by Lot.