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titleWhen do we use this?

This article contains the steps to update or reinstall the OPS-COM software for Android. The method is very similar to a first time install with some subtle differences and some precautions that should be observed before installing.

titleImportant Considetations

DO NOT update or uninstall the software if the ViolationTransfer and/or VehicleTransfer tables contain data. You can view this under Replication Status. These tables must be replicated to the server first to avoid data integrity issues. To do so, run a successful sync.
This must be done even if you are planning to immediately reinstall the software.

  1. On the device Apps screen, locate the Google Play Store app.

2. Tap to open the app and search for operationscommander or opscom (all lower case, all one word)

3. Tap the icon to begin the install process.

4. The following window opens. 
Note the call to action buttons read Uninstall and Update indicating the app has been previously installed and is out of date.
If the software were current the button that reads update would simply read as Open.
Tap Update to install the newer version (Be sure to read the Warning above regarding replicating tables)

5.This settings window will pop up to allow access to integrated apps on the handheld device. Tap Accept.

6. Once the app has installed the screen will refresh with the following:
          Note: A pop-up will appear when the shortcut is created.

To launch the application, use the Open button, or go to the device's main screen and start the app from the shortcut.


To use this software, your user profile must have the "Wireless handheld" permission. If your account login does not work, please contact the OPS-COM high-level administrator for your organization. The Admin will ensure your user account has been given the appropriate permissions to use the handheld devices.

This is accessed through, System Config > Manage Roles
Select one the Administrator Roles you wish to add this ability to. Logically it would be something like Patrol Officer.
Click on Permissions beside the specific role you wish to edit.
Go into the Violations tab.
Select Display as Ticket Writer.

This will add any user with permission to the AdminAccessWireless on the OPS-COM Admin tool and allow the user to write tickets on the handheld unit