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What's Included?

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Printing can now be toggled on or off for the following items listed on a violation:


  • The first violation has all options toggled on and the second violation has all options toggled off.



  • Connectivity to the PL8RDR server has been improved.
  • OC-1944 - a bug was addressed that prevented the LPR from being turned on or off after chalking.
  • Validated and fixed bug with chalk/violation grace period from DB
  • Fixed a TicketCategory bug
  • Fixed download file from different handheld / LPR camera


  • LPR images have been lightened to reduce excessive "dark" contrast.
  • Additional LPR logging meta data has been added to records.
  • Removed pop-up stating "Network data connection not available". The visual green/orange indicator is still available.