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This release addresses recent issues with the handheld cameras on Galaxy devices.

Table of Contents

Recent Camera Issues

The Galaxy handhelds are not working well with the newer Android 11 & 12 permission model. 

More specifically there are issues with camera integration such that the camera crashes or does not return relevant image data.

The Solution

We have implemented 2 different camera models on the application.  One model uses the SDK of the camera while another uses a custom-developed solution.

The custom-developed solution appears to be the more stable of the two though there have been reports of that solution also having issues.

Custom Developed Camera Module

The custom-developed module is now the default (and recommended) as of versions stamped 16.4.1000

This version has a red "Take Photo" button displayed on the camera page within Virtual Chalking and also Violations Files.

Standard Camera Module

The standard camera module is a call-out from the application to use the standard camera.  This version crashes intermittently on Android 11 and 12.

The crash is during the handoff of data to our application and is not something that we are able to address.

The standard camera module's interface has all the camera elements with a white circle button for the shutter control.

How to Switch Camera Models

Switching between these two models can be done easily within the System Settings of the application.

We recommend that the option be unchecked unless you are experiencing issues with your camera.

Obtain Hotfix Release

On your device simply navigate to the Google Play store and update your installed version to 10.4.201613 or later.

If you wish to re-install, please visit Manual Update or Installation