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General System Settings

Setting Name



Sets the country where the system is located

Campus Name

Set the name of the Campus/ Company

Organization Name

Set the name of the Organization


Set the timezone based on closest major city

System Timeout

Set how long the system can be idle before timeout (can be up to 6 hours)

Time offset (mins)

This represents your time offset from greenwich mean time

Using daylight savings

Used to toggle wether or not you are subject to daylight savings time

Run the Task Scheduler

Used to toggle wether or not your system uses the Task Scheduler

Select how to show dates

Used to set the date format
Landing MessageThis message will be seen on the user side just under the Welcome Banner

Alarm Settings

Setting NameDefinitionNotes
Use Alarms SystemControls if the Client can use Alarms moduleAdmins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
Email AddressEmail Address that triggers an alert
Generic Alarm

Picklist that allows you to determine the type of alarm you want to issue, and what Action you want taken. In addition you chose the Dispatch Sub Category that should be associated with this Alarm.

For example, People Alarms should generate a System Alert with a Sub-Category of Personal Safety Reports.

People AlarmSame as above
System AlertSame as above

Collection Settings

Setting NameDefinitionNotes
MTO Lookups on all recordsPerform an MTO Lookup on all records even if a user profile exists
Include All Unpaid ViolationsWhen Toggled on: Includes all unpaid Violations when sending violation notices.
When Toggled off: Only the violation in question will be included in the letter

Prevent Violation PaymentsPrevents violations from being paid through OPS-COM if they have been sent to collections.
Prevent PurchasesPrevents Users from making any permit purchases if this is enabled and a violation has been sent to collections
Send Letter To AllWhen Toggled on: Send collection letter to all users even if they have been emailed a copy

Form Settings

Setting NameDefinitionNotes
Default email for sending form entriesThese settings are used to control the Forms Module.

Global Settings

Setting NameDefinitionNotes
Disable nightly email notificationsDisable auto-emails during system maintenance
Symbol before the dollar valueWhich currency symbol to use before a dollar valueAccomodates the English format of the dollar value $100.00
Symbol after currency valueWhich currency symbol to use after a dollar valueAccomodates the French format of the dollar value 100,00$

Locker Settings

Setting NameDefinitionNotes
Enable Lockers ModuleToggles the use of the Lockers ModuleAdmins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
Tax %Percentage of tax to charge for lockers
Map of LockersUsed to enter a path to a diagram or map image
Receipt Reply To AddressReply to address on receipts if only a locker was purchased

Payment Settings

Setting NameDefinitionNotes
Invoice NumberAn incremental number for invoices. This can be set the first time you want to issue them.
EFT Settings This is used if you are setup to accept EFT payments through OPS-COM. You must be setup by OPS-COM Team first before you can change anything.Admins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.

Permit Settings

Setting NameDefinitionNotes
Receipt Reply To AddressReply to address for receipts that contain permits
Multiple Plate ValidatorAllow multiple plates in parking validator
Require Payment for RolloversIf enabled, only permits that are paid for and processed can be rolled over.
Show remaining permits

If enabled the number of remaining permits in a lot will be shown to site users. e.g. "32 Remaining".

If disabled the number remaining permits will be replaced with "On Sale" (which hides how many permits are left from users).


Image Added

Allow Credit Card ProcessingAllows credit card payments for rolloversAdmins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
Personal Information on Permit Print Include personal information on hang tag printing
Require Mailing AddressRequire a mailing address to be completed fully to purchase permits
Show Permit Lots on Landing PageShow parking permit lots on the landing page
Show Only Visible Lots Only show lots with an active visibility flag to the end user
Show Waiting List RankAllow users to see their rank on the waiting list
Show Total Spots TakenWhen being added to a waiting list, show the number of spots that exist within the lot
Enable User Permit PrintingAllow users to print their own permits
Map of Permit AreasThis is the image of your parking map

Security Settings

Setting NameDefinitionNotes
Hash and SaltEnable the hashing of passwords. Once set, it should not be turned off Admins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
Require Password UpdateRequire password resets after an admin changes the password Admins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
Toggle Password ExpiryEnable the use of password expiry Admins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
Password Expiry in daysNumber of days before administrator must change their password
Enable Password HistoryPrevent passwords from being reused up to X days Admins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
How long to remember old passwordsThe number of days the system will remember old passwords to prevent re-use
Minimum password lengthThe minimum password length for administrator passwords
Enable password strength requirementsUsed to set standards in password creation based on password security strengthAdmins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
Numerical CharactersThe minimum number of numbers required
Lower Case CharactersThe minimum number of lower cases needed
Upper Case CharactersThe minimum number of upper case needed
Non-Alpha NumericThe minimum of a Non-Alpha required
Enable Admin LockoutsEnable admin lockouts after X invalid attempts within Y minutesAdmins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
Lockout after X AttemptsSets the number of retries with a wrong password before the system will lock you out.
Login attempt timeframeSets the timeframe for wrong entries. For example if you fail 3 trimes within 5 minutes the system will lock out this admin.
Lock the admin out for X minutesSets the length of time in minutes that the admin will be locked out. Set at 120 minutes would mean the admin would be locked out for 2 hours before another attempt at logging in would be allowed.

Third Party Settings

Setting Name



Twilio Account Number
Admins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
Twilio Auth Token
Admins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
T2 API Last Successful Fetch
Admins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.

User Profile Settings

Setting NameDefinitionNotes
Prevent Public RegistrationIf disabled, the Admins control the new account registration. Existing users can login but no one can create a profile.
Profile Field VisibilityThis controls the fields for the User Profile page. Refer to this wiki article for an explanation.

Violation Settings

Setting NameDefinitionNotes
Enable Violations ModuleToggles the Violations Module on or off.
Link Violations to usersWhen enabled allows violations to be the user instead of a vehicle.Admins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
The prefix to go in front of the ticket number.These characters will appear before the ticket number on the printed ticket.Admins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
The next number for printing tickets from the webSets the next sequential number to be on tickets printed from the web toolAdmins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
Show Drivers License on TicketsWhen selected, shows Licence number and Province of issuance on ticket
Show Ticket # as barcode on ticketWhen selected will print a bar code representing the ticket number on the ticket
Enable Anonymous payments for violationsWhen selected, allows anonymous payments for violations.Admins can see, only OPS-COM Team can change.
Hide Zero Dollar FinesWhen enabled, this prevents $0.00 violations, that are not warnings, from being displayed on the userside. These violations will still show up on the Admin side and will show on the Report by Officer and the Violation Summary by Officer report.