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titleWhen do we use this?

Some licence plates may not be read properly by the LPR cameras and can be a recurring issue. When a plate is incorrectly read, the patrol officer has the ability to update the plate from the tablet.
The corrected record will be stored in the database to be referenced for future reads.

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On the OperationsCommander Android application, tap the LPR Scanning menu item to open the PL8-RDR LPR Scanning window.
When patrolling a list of plate reads will appear.

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Find the plate that has been incorrectly read. Enter the fix to the plate, in this case the plate read as VZ7281, but the actual plate was BVZT282.
Notice the LPR mode goes into OFF mode when adjusting plate reads. 

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Select the Search & Update button. Notice the read will change to the updated plate which now includes the missing B.

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In the database the plate has been updated to now reference the updated plate. At this point do not forget to toggle the off button back to ON to continue patrolling.

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titleSupport Agent Notes

When Troublshooting this feature it is important to note the roll of the dbo.alprRefLookup table
It's the table that gets written to when you Search and Update a plate. 
It houses the incorrect read as well as a reference to what the corrected plate is.
So when doing subsequent readings the plate the system checks this table to see if there is a corrected version and then diaplays the corrected version on the HH.
Be sure to check this table if there are any issues with the functionality and make certain the records apper correctly in the table.