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The OperationsCommander web web application has an upcoming maintenance release.  Please take some time to review this information to assess the impact on your production environment and workflow.

The updates will be available on preview sites November 5, 2018  and released to production environments November 12, 2018.

Table of Contents

New - Bulk User Type Change Tool

This tool allows Admins to change User Types in bulk. This is useful for clients that have different parking options based on User Type. For example, if Freshmen parkers only have access to certain lots you will need to change them to the Sophomore User Type next year, so that the new options will become available to you. The Bulk User Type Change tool is new to OPS-COM. For more information about this feature, refer to this wiki article.


OperationsCommander is improving the system to give clients more control over the look and feel of pages on the User Portal. These pages must be configured by an Admin with HTML knowledge. We will be rolling out releasing more information as it becomes available. 


This report allows you to view all processed payments for permits in a given time frame. Results are broken out down by lot and have the HST is separated. This report is exportable to excel.  


There are now three dates associated with invoices in OPS-COM. They are:

  • Issued Date - The day you create created the invoice.
  • Billing Date - The first day you want the invoice to pertain to, usually the first day of the month the permit is active for.
  • Due Date - The day you expect your clients to pay by.


There is new shortcode functionality for both the Vehicle and Locker disclaimers. Refer to this wiki article for more information.

Updated - Columns


Added to the Lot Value Report

Subtotal, Taxes and Total columns have been added to the Lot Value Report.

Updated - Lot Short Name


Listed on Invoices

The lot short name is now listed on invoices next to the permit number.