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titleWhen do we use this?

The checklist is used in the process of investigating an incident. When officers are assigned a task related to an incident they can refer to this checklist to gather and share information.

Accessing the Checklist

To access the checklist go into any incident and click on the Checklist tab. To access the form click on Open Checklist.

The checklist form will open.

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Checklist Fields Defined

CCTV Reviewed:

Indicate if the closed-circuit television cameras were reviewed. (Yes/No/Not Required) State the reason for what was selected or additional details. E.g. What was found in the footage? Why was the footage not reviewed?


Suspect(s) / Person(s) of Interest Interviewed:

Indicate if the suspects were interviewed as a part of the incident.  (Yes/No/Not Required) State all suspects involved, and their involvement with the incident or additional details. E.g. Sandra Morra - Admitted fault after evidence had been found.


Indicate if other physical or virtual evidence was reviewed as a part of the incident.  (Yes/No/Not Required) State all the evidence collected, where it is stored and important information about it, or additional details. E.g. Beer bottle - given to the police - had fingerprints of the suspect.

Safe Plan and Community Resources Discussed with Complainant:

Indicate if a safe plan and community resources were discussed with the complainant.  (Yes/No/Not Required) State what specifically was discussed, or additional details. E.g. Complainant was informed that the police were updated on the case , and that the complainant's information was given to them.


Indicate the reasons for the report being closed. (Drop down box) E.g Reason beyond the control of service

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