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The OperationsCommander platform is capable of integrating with other software and hardware systems including: Banner, Workday, SSO systems, T2 terminals, CALE devices, and many mobile payment providers.

Table of Contents


Considerations for Scoping an IntegrationIntegration 


Regardless of the integration we are scoping we need the following questions answered.

  1. What are the endpoints; where will we connect and send data? 
    1. What system or URL are we querying?
    2. Test system logins and a test endpoint address to which we can send queries to.
      1. we will need the same for production systemssystems  
  2. Are there additional (special) API endpoints and/or API tokens to access the system? 
  3. What API/SDK is recommended?
    1. at the core the OPS-COM platform is built on PHP; we also work with Java and many other languages
  4. Supporting documentation for the API/SDKs that we are integrating with
    1. technical contact(s); either on location and/or for the vendor.
  5. How will the data (or user) flow through the system?  ie. business logic/flow

For Network Administrators

Our development servers are behind:  


Our production servers are behind:  


Information Flow through OPS-COM

This example shows the flow of information through the integrated system of record and OPS-COM.

Sample: SSO Integration

This example shows the flow of a user through the system, and at what points the client wanted us to apply business logic.  

Notice that in their implementation they also described the flag that would be used to designate special users in the system.

Sample: LDAP/Active Directory Integration

This represents a standard flow of information to support LDAP/AD user validation.