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  1. The (Super Admin) is be able to set up new Groups, with a Group Name, assigned Manager and assigned Group Members. Only the (Super Admin) can add Managers and Admins. 

    1. Definition: The Super Admin will be any Primary Admin with permissions in OPSCOM OPS-COM to manage the Validator, they can create groups and add users to the group. The permissions that the Super Admin assigns to the individual group members will determine their access level. All permissions will be added or removed by the Super Admin.

  2. The (Super Admin) will be able to see all current, pending, past and archived (deleted) validations.

    Permissions required to be the Super Admin Role:

  3. Group Managers and Admins will be able to see all of their own Groups current and pending validations and delete future validations and current validations up to the 15-minute mark of the “Start Date”. Managers can only manage one group at a time.
    1. Note: that deletions would only be available from the Manage Validations page 

      Permissions required to be the Validator Manager Role:

  4. The (Super User) will be able to delete any validations: future, current, past. 
    1. Note: Archived is considered deleted. Archived information is not purged from the system this is due to the need to keep system data integrity

      Permissions required to be the Validator Entry Role: