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titleWhen do we use this?

The Purchase a Parking Permit option allows customers to purchase either regular parking permits (monthly, semester, yearly) or temporary parking permits (short-term permits from a few hours to a few days). If your vehicle is not already registered, you can do this here too. Note, you can also register multiple vehicles by using the Vehicles option.

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Prepare for a Permit Purchase

From the User Portal click on Permits from the Nav bar.

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 If you do not have a vehicle registered, the Vehicles screen will display.  To register your vehicle refer to this wiki article.

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If you do have vehicles setup, the disclaimer will display. Click I Agree to accept it.  The Permits screen displays. You have the option to register either a regular parking permit, or a temporary parking permit. You can also choose to go on a waiting list.  

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Purchase a Standard Permit

Click Standard Permit.  You will be presented with the permit details. Click the Reserve Permit button.

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You will be directed to the payments due page.  For more information about processing your payment, refer to this wiki article.

Purchase a Temporary Permit

Please note that the temporary parking permit is only valid up to 30 days, so if you need the permit for longer than 30 days, you will be required to purchase a regular parking permit. 

Click Temporary Permit. The Temp Permit options are displayed. Choose your Start and End date and the Vehicle you will be using. Click Reserve Permit.

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You will be directed to the payments due page.  For more information about processing your payment, refer to this wiki article.

Join a Waitlist


Some lots may have been setup to accept a waiting list. If so you can join it and see your ranking on that list. The Parking Office will inform you when a spot is available in your desired lot. Once a user has joined a waitlist in a lot, they can still purchase permits in other lots without affecting their waitlist status. However, if a user decides to purchase a permit in a lot they are waitlisted for, it will remove their status. 

From the Permit screen click the Waiting List bar in the lot you wish to.

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The Permits information screen will display. Your rank will be indicated in the green box. If you purchase a permit after joining a waitlist, it will tell you that you cannot join the waitlist as you have a permit in the desired lot. 

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Click the Join Waiting List button. You are still able to purchase permits in other lots without affecting your waitlist status in the current lot.  

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