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When do we use this?

The Midnight List is is a list of permits that will be cleared at midnight. The permits will automatically be released from users that do not have promises for payment (e.g. the permit was reserved but the user did not specify how they were going to pay). These permits will be available for purchase again the next day.

In Parking Management, hover over the Permits icon and click 'Reports' then 'Midnight List'.

As the name implies unpaid locker items are cleared at midnight if they are on the list.

From UI on Admin side, you may:

See items to be cleared
Email the affected users
Clear their flag to take them off the list and update the list

This is a list of permits that will be cleared at midnight.

 Note: In order for the midnight list to function it must be triggered by a Task Scheduler. This scheduler is set to off as default. To request the midnight list to be turned on contact Ops-Com Support.

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