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When do we use this?

Locker Prefix allows the Admin to assign locker numbers which may have an Alphanumeric display on the physical locker and simplify what the User sees. 
As the system can only allow numeric numbering of the lockers and also does not allow numbers to be repeated, this functionality was added to facilitate the need to use numbers that might be the same from building to building.

User Types for Lockers makes the Locker system more advanced by adding a couple of features. These features add the ability to limit who can purchase a locker in a defined area and add the ability to add an alpha character to a locker number. This makes locker numbering more manageable. For example, you may have locker number 100 existing multiple times in a specific building. These features must be enabled by the OPS-COM support team. These features are called Locker User Types and Locker Prefix.

Using a Locker Prefix

  1. Lockers that have numbers physically on them and are not able to be renumbered cost effectively are given a prefix in the numbering schema when being set up in the system.  For example: Building "A" has lockers 2000 to 2049 Totaling 50 Lockers, Building "B" has lockers 2000 to 2049 totaling 50. (this could happen floor to floor too) 

  2. When Building "A" is set up its Prefix will be 100=BA,  and Building "B" will be 200=BB. The numbering Schema will be set in "Allocate" by adding the prefix to the actual locker number
  3. When a user is purchasing a Locker, they will see "TH200" instead of  "1002000" creating a less confusing definition of the locker for the User. The Admin benefits by being able to attach a building designation to the locker regardless if they have repeating locker numbers or not.  In this case, all lockers in building "B" would have a "BB" before the locker number.
  4.  In our example of Trudeau Hall, we set up the Locker prefix as shown below. 

Locker User Types

  1. You must create the Locker User types you wish to use in OPS-COM. To do that Hover over Admin Options and click Users, Locker User Types.
  2.  You can enter a Name and a short code for the new Locker User Type and click Add New.
  3. You can assign Locker User Types to any profile by editing the user profile and changing the Locker User Type.

    Please Note, Locker User Types is not editable or viewable on the User Side. These must be assigned by the Admin only.
  4. You must assigned your Locker user types by editing the Locker building area and choosing the User Type as shown. Note, it is possible to select multiple user types.
  5. This is what the user will see if they have the correct Locker User Type setup and the Building Area is visible to the site users.

  6. Users cannot purchase lockers yet. To do that we must set an active Sales Window.


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