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When do we use this?

OPS-COM now allows System Owners and Administrators the ability to setup roles that will restrict access to information and features in OPS-COM. Roles are a group of permissions that are bundled and assigned to a set of users. For example, you may wish to create a role for Patrol Officer. You will set the permissions for this role and assign users the role of Patrol Officer when you would like to grant them permissions that match that job. Users can be assigned multiple roles. For a step by step guide to setting up Roles, click here.

For a quick overview video, CLICK HERE

Below you will find a list of all Permissions currently available for you to assign to different roles. It is important to note that not all permissions are stand-alone. Some permissions are dependent on others to function correctly.

User Management Permissions

Permission NamesDescription
View UsersAllows the admin user to view, but not change, the users in the system. User Search functionality is enabled.

Edit Users

Allows the admin user to edit users in the system including new User Registration.

This should be used with the 'View Users' permission.

  • If 'View Users' is enabled, Admins can see the user history including Permits and Violations issued (but not the details) and any payments outstanding for this user.
  • If 'View Users' is not enabled, Admins can only use the User Registration portion and cannot search for existing users.

Delete User Aliases

This permission allows users to Update User Aliases. It cannot be used without 'View Users' and 'Edit Users' turned on.

Edit Vehicle Information

Allows Admin to update vehicles and view the vehicles history. Admins can also do a Plate Search from the User Management menu. In addition, Admins can see the DNTT reports.
Edit FormsAllows Admins to create, update and view forms.
ViewFormsAllows Admins to view all forms, and see the user-submitted entries of forms. Users cannot create or edit forms without the 'Edit Forms' permission.
Clear Alarms on User ProfileAllows Admins the ability to update and clear alarms on the user's profile. This must be used with 'View Users' and 'Edit Users' permissions enabled.
Send Bulk EmailAllows Admins to send email messages to various groups of Users

Locker Permissions

Permission NamesDescription
Building AreasAllows the Admin user to view buildings and building areas and add buildings and building areas. You must use this with the 'View Lockers' permission.

View Lockers

Allows the Admin to view lockers and look at locker history. As well the Admin can see lockers awaiting payment.

Edit Locker Information

Allows users to edit the locker information

Allocate Lockers

Ability to allocate locker numbers to a building area.
Edit Locker AllocationsAllows creation and editing of locker sales windows, allows Admin users to view active locker sales window

Allocation Locker - Single

Admins are able to add new buildings and building areas, able to create and update certain lockers. You must have 'View Lockers' enabled to use this permission effectively.

Parking Permissions

Permission NamesDescription
Pricing & Lot Administration

Allows Admins to create and edit lots

This permission will not work by itself. The Admin must also have the following permissions:

  • View Permits
  • Edit Permits
  • Allocate Permits
  • Edit Permit Allocations
View PermitsThis allows the Admin to view Permit records, do Permit Switches and to view waiting lists
Edit PermitsThis allows the Admin to edit Permit details. This permission allows access to most functions that relate to permits.
Allocate PermitsGrants the ability to allocate permits to different lots. This permission will also grant all privileges of the 'View Permits' permission.
Edit Permit AllocationsAllows access to edit the Permit Allocation Sales Window and the Active Permit Sales Window
View Access CardsAllows the Admin to view Access cards. This will not work without the 'View Permits' permission enabled as well.
Edit Access CardsAllows the Admin to edit Access cards. This will not work without the 'View Permits' permission enabled as well.
Add Access CardsAllows the Admin to add Access cards. This will not work without the 'View Permits' permission enabled as well.
Prorate Permit PurchasesAllows the Admin to prorate permit purchases for the enduser. This cannot be used without 'User Management' permissions and 'Edit Permits' enabled.
Create Temp Permit EntriesAllows Admins to use the Parking Validation utility. Please note, further user setup is required to use this utility. Refer to this wiki article.

Violations Permissions

Permission NamesDescription

View Violations

Allows the Admin to see information about violations including, basic user details and details of any payments.

Edit Violations
Allows the Admin to search for violations. This permission requires 'View Violations' to see the details.
Edit Violation ticket number
Grants the ability to edit a violation number if you also have the 'View Violations' permission
Display as Ticket WriterGrants the ability to be a ticket writer on the Handheld or the Web if the Admin also has the 'Add New Violations'
Add New Violations
Allows the Admin to issue a violation. The Admin must have the 'Edit Vehicle Information' permission found in the User Management section
Grant Violation Appeals
Gives the ability to manage Appeals and grant them. The Admin must have the 'View Appeal Reports' permission as well.
View Appeal Reports
Allows the Admin to view Appeal reports for different officers. Admins must also have the 'View Violations' and 'Edit Violations' permissions.
Issue / View Violation Notices
Allows the Admin the ability to issue and View Violation Notices.
Manage Collections
Grants the ability to manage the collections process for violations.
View Violation Reports
Allows the Admin to view financial and statistical reports regarding violations. Admins must have the 'View Violations' permission as well.

Dispatch Permissions

Permission NamesDescription
View License Plate AlarmsAllows Admins to view License Plate alarms.
Recieve License Plate Alarms via emailAllows Admins to receive Plate Alarms via email if they also have subscribed to the Alarms list
View People AlarmsAllows Admins to view People alarms.
Recieve People Alarms via emailAllows Admins to receive People Alarms via email if they also have subscribed to the Alarms list
Add New Dispatch LogsGrants the ability to add dispatch logs
Edit Dispatch LogsGrants the ability to edit the Admins own dispatch logs
Edit All Dispatch LogsGrants the ability to edit the dispatch logs of other Admins
Open Dispatch LogsAllows Admins to Open dispatch logs
View Dispatch LogsAllows Admins to View dispatch logs and close log records.
Add/Drop Dispatch LogsGrants the ability to remove the association of a Dispatch Log with an incident
View CamerasAllows the Admins to view Cameras if this is configured with OPS-COM.

Payment Permissions

Permission NamesDescription

Manage User Credit Cards

Grants the ability to add, remove and update credit cards from for Users

View PaymentsGrants the ability to view payments. Limited access to user information is also granted.
Edit PaymentsAllows the Admin to process payments. Admin must have the 'View Payments' permission
Change Payment TypeAllows the Admin to change the Payment Type of a payment
Drop PaymentsAllows the Admin to drop payments
Mark Bulk PaymentsGrants the ability to mark Bulk payments for bulk processing
Refund PaymentsGrants the ability to refund payments, but not process
Process Refunds/Adjustments

Allows the Admin to process refunds and adjustments

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