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Standard Hosted Payment Setup

Hosted Payments is the recommended way to handle most of your payments in the OPS-COM system. With Hosted Payments, the payment processor directly handles the payment method details and provides the end result to the client's service implementation. This provides you an additional layer of security because at no time is the credit card information presented to any other system than the payment processor. This also reduces the amount of data being passed from client software to the payment processor, as only the result of the transaction is communicated to client software. 

Currently, we have integrated hosted solutions with the following payment providers: 

There are wiki articles that explain the details you need to get to us to setup your payment system. If you are using Text2ParkMe or doing direct billing (invoicing) to Credit Cards you must also supply us with the details required for a gateway setup. We have one provider that will support both Hosted Payments and Tokenized recurring payments that is OpenEdge. Please contact your Sales Rep for more information about getting setup for OpenEdge.

Please note, gathering these credentials can take 6 weeks or longer to get all the required information and depends on how responsive your Payment Provider is. This should be started as soon as possible.

Electronic Funds Transfer Setup

OPS-COM can accept Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments from your clients if you have done the necessary custom development to use this system. Currently, we only offer this service for the Royal Bank of Canada. Contact your Sales Representative if you are using another provider.

EFT is used as a recurring payment method when paying for permits through the rollover process only. EFT cannot be used in any other way in OPS-COM. For more information, refer to this wiki article.

Visible Payment Types

In OPS-COM you can make certain payment types available to Users and others available to your Admins only. You must send a list to your Account Executive of what types you wish to be available to which users.

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