This troubleshooting article will walk you through how you can fix the email server communication error messages that are received when you try to submit things such as the Forgotten Password form. The error message that you see would be something like Could not communicate with the email server

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Finding Communication Errors

It is possible that if some of the system settings and classic system settings are not setup correctly to use a From address that you will receive a communication error as a response. One example, would be when trying to submit the Forgot Password form found on the userside login page. An error message of this nature would look something like this:

As mentioned this is because there is no From address setup in the system. 

Fixing Communication Errors 

Please allow 10-15 minutes for the userside to update (Clear the cache) before you try the password reset or other mailing links again. 

To fix this issue we would just need to update the Reply-to Admin Email Address found under Classic System Settings 

Once we have updated the email address this issue should be resolved. If the issue is still not resolved after completing these fields please contact support for further assistance. 

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Mailgun Notes:

Mailgun as the new system for email ends up with the "On Behalf of" header while the old system does not.  Not all clients display this detail so not everyone would see that header.  If the sender's domain is controlled by Mailgun then that header is not required but it would mean that all domain email would need to pass through Mailgun which is not desirable in most cases.

One option would be to create an email domain that is just for outgoing communication using the OPS-COM system.  That domain could be parked with Mailgun and used just for messages out to clients thus removing the "on behalf  of" header.

I hope this explanation is clear enough, and please note that we are investigating to determine the best options for everyone moving forward.

As a final note, the old system just pushes messages through an SMTP server.  That server doesn't have all the features of Mailgun such as confirming delivery and even helping to reduce the potential of being flagged for spamming.  So it gives us what you are looking for, but isn't the best long term solution moving forward. Related Ticket: