Minimum handheld requirements

OS Version - Minimum Android Marshmallow, Version 6.0

Minimum Processing Power - Quadcore: 4X 1.2 GHz

Front Camera: 8 MP Camera

Autofocus - Yes

LTE & Wifi Connectivity

Tablet Options

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3-S5 10” Tablet with LTE & data plan

Samsung Active 8” Tablet with LTE & data        

Samsung Galaxy Tab E 8” Tablet with LTE & data plan

Panasonic Android Toughpad 7” FZ-B2 & data plan    

Cellphone Options

Samsung Cellphones S6, S7, S8, S9 & data plan

Samsung XCover 4 & data plan

*Most decent Android devices will work with the system.  They do sometimes require some adjustment to the software on our end, which we will happily supply, in order to handle the individual phones’ camera software design. Please provide the models you are interested in purchasing prior to proceeding.

Bluetooth Printer Recommendations

Star Micronics SM-T300i-DB50 Portable Printer

Zebra iMZ320 Bluetooth Printer

Zebra ZQ520 Bluetooth Printer