The Quick Search tool was recently introduced to OPS-COM found at the top of your Admin Portal. This tool allows you to quickly and efficiently access a variety of database files using one search variable.

Quick Search 

The new Quick Search tool requires a minimum of 4 characters to perform a query.  See below for a complete list of information you can search for throughout the database. 

OPS-COM Search Items 

This tool will search the following fields from a single source:

  • Searches vehicles by plate

  • Searches vehicles by VIN number

  • Searches people by:

    • Username

    • Last name

    • Email address

    • Student number

    • Employee number

  • Searches violations (in the last 18 months) by:

    • Ticket number

    • Plate of vehicle involved  

  • Searches incidents (in the last 18 months) by:

    • Incident number

  • Payments (last 18 months) by:

    • Confirmation code