OperationsCommander has the ability to validate temporary parkers, granting them permission to park in designated lot zones at specified times and dates either as one time, or repeating instances. Some examples might include; hotel parking, daycare drop-off and pick-up parkers, or any company client who wishes to administer permissions to park in lots they themselves manage. This ability is available as a permission that can be added to any administrator's role and can also be made available to Company Managers.

See also, Validate Parking Report and Validator Management Tool articles.

You must create a new role to apply the permissions correctly. For more information refer to this article on Setting Up Roles and Permissions


In our example, we created a Role entitled Parking Validator.  The new role will appear in the list of roles.

You must add the "Create Temp Permit Entries" permission to the role you just created.

Create or edit an Admin user who will manage the parking validation. For more information refer to this article on "Managing Admin Users".

Select the lot zone(s) this Admin will manage and save the user.  These will be the lots that you intend to use with the Parking Validator utility.

For more information on creating zones see this wiki article.

Note: These zones have to be set in the lots you wish to validate. In Lot Administration go to the Zone & Location tab to select the zone associated with the lot.

Log in as this user. Only one menu item entitled 'Create Validations' will be available.
(Note: The following screen represents the view of the validation tool that would be used by admins who have resticted access to the OPS-COM system and would have access to the Validation Tool Only)

Click 'Create Validations'. From this page you can:

  • Enter plate number(s)
  • Select the lot zone in which you want to validate the vehicle
  • Set the Valid Time Frame (These blocks represent a full hour. For example, selecting the 8PM block allows parking from 8:00PM to 9:00PM)
  • Click Validate to apply the validation.

    In this example we are validating three vehicles to park in the Garage Level 1 zone, between the hours of 8:00pm to 10:00pm, for the six week period between March 23rd to May 4th, on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

The list of valid vehicles appears below the submit form. 

Validation can also be restricted to one vehicle at a time. To deselect the ability to enter bulk plate numbers, deselect Multiple Plate Validator in system settings which is located in the Permits tab.

The interface will change slightly: Note the Plate field is now single entry only.

Advanced Features

With full access to the tool within OPS-COM there are several addititional features to take into account. Access to the tool would look more like the following screen capture. Not only do you have the validator tool, you also have the ability to run reports and Manage validations.

For More information on the reporting tool, please refer to this wiki article. 

For more information on the Validator management tool, please refer to this wiki article.

How Do Temporary Validated Parkers Appear on the Handheld Devices

Parkers who are validated through this tool will appear as a "Temp Parker" on the Android version of OPS-COM

By tapping on the plate number you will get an expanded view with further detailed information. In our example, we see the parker has a Validator created permission to park in the Day Care Lot Zone.

To see even finer detail on this permission, tap the green rectangle labelled Validator - Day Care.  A pop up will appear showing a reference number and the  Expiry date of the permission.


A closer look: