The OperationsCommander web application has released a new update.  Please take some time to review this information to assess the impact on your production environment and workflow.

New - New Technology Applied to the User Portal

You may notice a new look and feel for your User Portal. That is because the OPS-COM User Portal now runs on new technology. This upgrade will prepare us to offer our clients better control over the look and feel of their User Portal. In addition, the mobile responsiveness will be improved, and the groundwork has been laid for us to offer a multi-lingual experience sometime in the coming year. Users will also notice greater responsiveness during times of heavy use, such as start-of-year Permit sales for our Higher Education clients.
In the short term, Users will see both the new technology and the old, depending on the section of the platform being viewed. We will continue to roll-out new updated sections until the entire site is upgraded.

New - Setting for Read-Only User Profile fields

There is a new setting that allows Primary Admins to ensure that other Admins do not change certain fields in the user profile that have been deemed read-only. Currently, if this setting is enabled the following fields cannot be changed by a user or an Administrator.