We use this functionality when we want to create a critical ticket.

Service Levels


Standard Plus


Monday-Friday 9-5 ESTMonday-Friday 9-5 ESTMonday-Friday 9-5 EST

  • email: support@ops-com.com
  • telephone support
  • notification within 1 hour
    during business hours

Important Note

Only tickets marked "Critical" will trigger the after hours notification process.

Launch a Critical Ticket

To launch a Critical ticket, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Visit https://support.ops-com.com

  2. Click on Start Conversation. 

    Fill out the form with:

    Subject: A short description
    Priority: For critical issues please ensure you select Critical
    Enter a message or a more detailed explanation of your issue
    Your email address: Enter your email address
    Your Name: Enter your name
    Upload File: Upload any supporting files such as screen captures, reports, etc.
    I Consent: Check the box beside I consent for OperationsCommander to process my data and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy. to accept the privacy policy.
    Are you a robot: Click the checkbox beside I am not a robot to complete the form.

    Click Send to complete the process.

  3. The screen will refresh with a confirmation message: