Step-by-step guide

These instructions are intended for Bluetooth enabled printers by Star Micronics, specifically the SM-T300 series.

If your printer doesn't match these specifications the Bluetooth Mode selection process maybe different. Please consult the hardware manufacturers manuals for instructions.

  1. Make sure your printer is in Bluetooth Mode.

  2. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your device. Tap on Bluetooth to get more options. Select the option to Search for Devices. Your printer should appear in the listing. 

  3. Tap on the printer to pair/link your printer and tablet together. Type in the printer PIN if your printer requires one.

    If asked for the Printer Pin the default Bluetooth PIN is usually 1234 Otherwise please consult your printer manual.

  4. Next go into the ParkAdmin for Android app. Select System Settings.

  5. Select Printer.

  6. Confirm your Bluetooth printer has been select.

  7. Done!